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Stories, Tales and Fables


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Why Vaaman Measured the World in Two Steps

After the devaasur sangraam between demon king Baali and Lord Indra, where Baali defeated Indra, Baali became the king of the world. At the advice of his courtiers and guru Shukracharya, Baali started Ashwamedha Yagya. Shorn of all power and wealth, the Gods had to go into hiding. This saddened their mother, Aditi, very much.

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Dhundhukaari and Gokarn

Srimad Bhaagvat is one of the 18 puranas and is held to be the most sacred by the Vaishnavs. Listening to Srimad Bhaagvat even for a week provides redemption to the most devilish and immoral souls. Today I am going to tell you a story that establishes this belief.

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Where There is Will There is Way

As we all know, Hanuman was great devotee of Lord Ram. He was always ready to do whatever the Lord needed done. One day, Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughn felt bad that due to Hanuman they don’t get a chance to serve their elder brother. So they divided all of Ram’s tasks among themselves. When Hanuman came to perform his services like pressing legs or fanning, they told him that he was not needed there as they would be serving Ram from now on.

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It is never too late to remember the Lord

Once there lived Sage Uttank in the Vishnu temple in town of Sauvir. He was a pious, kind hearted, learned and helpful soul dedicated to worshipping Lord Vishnu. All his actions – helping the poor and needy, keeping the temple clean, distributing Prasad, etc. – were directly or indirectly dedicated to the Lord.

One day a hunter-dacoit Kanik passed by the temple and decided to loot it at night.

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Journey from Dacoit to Devotee

Valmiki was a dreaded dacoit known by the name Ratnakar. He was a Brahmin by birth but he never studied and fell in bad company to adopt wrong ways of the world. He lived in a jungle by the river Ganges and looted and killed people to earn his living.

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Why Sita Cursed a River, a Priest, a Cow and Tulsi Plant

After returning from his 14 years of exile, Rama went to Gaya, with wife Sita, to offer tarpan to his father King Dashrath and perform the rituals of pind daan.

One day he asked Sita to wait on banks of river Falgu while he collected the necessities for performing the day’s procedures.

While Sita was waiting thus, King Dashrath appeared before her

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How Lord Ganesh Got His Elephant Head

Lord Ganesh was not born with an elephant head. So how did he get one? Here’s the story behind it:

Lord Ganesh was born from Goddess Parvati’s sweat. At that point of time Lord Shiva was away from home, meditating deeply.

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Ganesh Destroys the Pride of Kuber

As we all know, Kuber is the god of wealth. He was proud of the fact that he was the richest God. The other Gods obviously did not like this.

One day a meeting of all Gods was held at Mount Kailash, abode of Lord Shiva. Kuber did not come for the meeting and did not even send a message. 

Soon afterwards, an invitation for dinner came from Kuber to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. 

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When Mohan Met Gopal

Once upon a time there lived a poor young widow with her son Mohan in a village. She was an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna. Every day she would do odd jobs at others’ house and fed herself and her son with whatever she got from there.

When her son was 6 years old, the widow felt that her son needed to go to school. There was no school in the village, so she went to a school some 5-6 km away, in another village.

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Why Lord Ganesh is Worshipped Before All Gods

Once all Gods convened at Brahmalok, abode of Lord Brahma. The Gods wanted to decide who the supreme among them was and who should be worshipped first. They wanted Lord Brahma, one of the Holy Trinity, to decide.

Everyone had His own claim. Lord Indra said He was the king of Gods, so He should be worshipped first.

Lord Varun said that all creatures were alive due to Him, so He should be worshipped first.

The Sun God said that the world would be destroyed without Him, so He should be worshipped first.

Lord Brahma listened to everyone and said – 

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Bhasmasur: When Your Ego Turns You to Ashes

There once lived a demon who was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. He did tapasya for many years to please Lord Shiva.

The demon asked him to grant that if he touched anyone on the head, that person would burn to ashes. 

The demon wanted to check whether his boon was working or not on Lord Shiva Himself!!

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Why Sant Haridas was Better than Tansen

Tansen was court musician, one of the navratnas, in the court of Emperor Akbar. One day the two were taking a stroll in the royal gardens when Akbar asked Tansen, “Are you the greatest singer of my kingdom?”

Tansen promptly replied, “No Sir I am not.”

Read this story to find who was better than him, and why.

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How Lord Shiv Came as Jyotirling to Baidyanath Dham

Ravan wanted Lord Shiv to take up His abode at Lanka and did tapasya to fulfill his wish. However Lord Shiv did not want to go. Read this story to find how Lord Shiv found a way to circumvent the desires of his most ardent devotee and settle down, instead, at Baidyanath Dham.

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Sant Ravidas: Man Who Could Turn Iron to Gold

You can always give others when you have enough; that’s no big deal. What makes you great is that you help others with whatever you have. Read how Sant Ravidas shared whatever little he had with his fellow beings selflessly.

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Origin of Kumbh Mela

When Gods and demons found amrit – the elixir of life, a bitter fight ensued between them for its ownership. Read this story to find why this fight was the origin of kumbh mela.

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How Gods Found Amrit - Elixir of Life

When Bali was the king of demons, he defeated the devas and became the king of heaven. On the advice of Vishnu, Gods joined hands with the demons to get amrit - elixir of life - from the ocean ksheer sagar.

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Whatever Happens is for Good

Once upon a time there lived a king named Chandrasen. He had many intelligent ministers in his court. One of them was Triloki, a pious man who believed everything happened by God’s will, and happened for good.

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The Law of Time

King Ravana lay seriously injured on the battlefield. The epic war of Ramayana had just ended and...

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The Final Journey

Once there lived a saint at Haridwar, near the holy river Ganga. Through rigorous tapasya and learning he had acquired the art of reading people’s past and future by studying their foreheads.

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Lord Krishna Teaches a Lesson

Around year 1900 there was a temple of Lord Krishna in the city of Vishakhapattan, where Swami Dharamdas was the chief priest. One day a 12 year old orphan boy came to him and became his disciple. He had run away from his uncle’s house to escape torture.

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Savior is Greater Than the Destroyer

One day, Prince Siddhartha, who went on to become Lord Buddha, was taking a walk in his garden. He was admiring the beauty and bounty of nature when an injured swan fell near his feet.

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The Man who spat on Buddha

One evening, when Lord Buddha was sitting and talking to his disciples, a man came running and spat on his face. Lord Buddha wiped his face and thanked the man..

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The Angry Disciple

Once upon a time there lived a sage who had a disciple named Naru. The disciple was very angry..


Astro Architect

Neeta Sinha's fascination for the occult and the passion to study it grew when her paths crossed with the Late Dr. L.N. Kusuma, a student of K.S. Krishnamurthy – a renowned homeopath and one of the greatest cosmic research scientists. Neeta Sinha was herself a non-believer of the astro science but was astounded by the accurate predictions given by him regarding her life, igniting a powerful desire within her, to learn the science.

Her journey began with Dr. Kusuma as they researched around 30,000 homes, offices and other premises for the effects of the laws of Vaastu. They were driven by this question, "why is it that in a high rise building, where the Vaastu of all the houses are the same, different individuals get different results?"

It was then that they discovered that not only people, but their living spaces also have horoscopes. Every place has 3 negative sectors and 9 positive sectors. Now, Neeta Sinha first studies the architectural maps and plans of a house, and then works to enhance the positive sectors and subdue the negative ones.
With over 25 years of practice, Neeta Sinha can now instinctively recognize which

small changes in a surrounding can bring about huge differences in people's lives – ushering in prosperity and happiness.

Anshu Popli


Being a natural heir to Neeta Sinha’s abilities, Anshu Popli always had a keen interest and an enthusiasm towards learning astrology and Astro-Architecture from her mother. Although she pursued a successful corporate life in companies like Godrej, Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla and Christian Dior in her initial years, her intuition always led her to keep studying the divine sciences under Neeta Sinha’s mentorship. Finally, heeding to her inner calling, she began practicing both astrology and Astro-Architecture along with Neeta Sinha, to carry her legacy forward. Today, she is successfully reading personal charts, making predictions, as well as balancing and healing people, helping them to lead a fulfilled life.

Ankur Saini

Life Coach

"Coaching is a powerful process that helps you understand yourself, your power as an individual and the irrational fears that might be blocking you to transcend them for manifesting the life that you dream of!"

A part of the team, Ankur Saini, is a certified Life Transformation Coach (CPC), whose passion is to empower people to help them be successful, happy and peaceful. Sometimes, it is not the external forces, but the internal thought patterns that stops an individual from living up to their complete potential. Ankur Saini works with such clients to help them realize their patterns and shift them to bring a transformation in their lives. Being Neeta Sinha’s son, Ankur always had an in-born desire and ability to counsel people. Pursuing his natural talents, Ankur got trained and certified as a life coach by a prestigious institution called iPEC (Institute of Professional and Executive Coaching) in USA. Today, he is independently practicing, as well as working as part of Neeta Sinha’s team, to empower and heal people.

Get a consultation today to:
- Say 'No' to your fears and doubts
- Transform and improve your relationships
- Improve your efficiency and productivity
- Get over your anxiety and low self esteem
- Live with greater joy, peace and success

Ravi Saini

Art Effect Designer

"Ravi Saini is a visionary and a successful artifact designer, his introduction cannot be put better than the way he describes his work."

It is often said, 'Art is an Artist’s expression of his emotions and experiences.' For me, it took a lifetime of experiences and pent-up feelings for art to finally find an expression and an existence. In many ways, Art is always in existence, you only discover it! For an artist like me, who is unable to even draw a simple straight line, it was not easy to manifest my visions into reality.

As my experiences grew, so did my desperation to find a way to express my ideas which where deep-seated within me. A few years back, I started envisioning art pieces with absolutely no idea of what goes into bringing them to life. I don’t know the source of these visions, but I believe that my connection with the divine has surely helped me in generating these ideas and has even created pathways to manifest them. All of my work is one of a kind and is aimed to reflect purity, hard-work and passion."

Bhanu Bhushan Bhatt

Pandit Ji

The vision of Mantra Tantra Yantra cannot be complete without the experience and expertise of Shri Pandit Bhanu Bhushan Bhatt. Hailing from an ancestral family of ritualistic pandits, Shri Bhanuji has an immense knowledge in the field of Vedic rituals and Astrology and has been successfully practising them for the past 20 years. Known for his effectiveness and dedication, his work has garnered him high profiled clients, both nationally and internationally. His authenticity and efficiency enables the team of Mantra Tantra Yantra to deliver Vedic ritual services across the world.

His Journey:

Initiated by his father into the ritualistic science, Shri Bhanuji was a non-believer, until the sudden demise of his father, after which he came across his father's notebook that had prophesized the year and way of his demise. That piqued Bhanuji's interest into the powers of Astrology and Vedic ritualistic solutions. Graduating with honours in Sanskrit from Patna University in 1994, Shri Bhanuji's inner desire to truly help people with his knowledge earned him several believers and followers. Soon his popularity, wisdom and effectiveness made him a sought after name by high profiled individuals and corporates. Shri Bhanuji is currently successfully practising from his hometown in Patna and helping countless clients with his Vedic ritualistic solutions.