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Gift of Charity | Gift of Pooja

Gift a good deed is a fund raising charitable group. The aim of this group is to support
charitable organizations all over India who are really doing good and important work at grass root level.  

To empower individuals/organisation willing to make a difference with a chance to thrive and achieve their dreams.
Below are the details of the charities currently associated with us. If you wish to donate for their cause kindly fill in the form below

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Aastha Healthcare

Aastha Healthcare

Aastha symbolizes a belief- a hope and a prayer for betterment and it was with this humble belief that the concept of Aastha Hospital was initiated by Dr. Atul  Verma and his ever supporting wife Dr. Jaishree Shekhar.

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Having worked in Metros at corporate hospital  as well as medical college up to associate prof,  they would not have come back to settle in Bihar.

But seeing the plight and neglect of the poor in apex govt hospitals where all they worked (Infected and septicaemic patients lying in corridor for paucity of space and lack of follow-up of treatment) and the expensive healthcare delivery system in pvt sector , they decided that "given the reputation of Bihar, if not us then who else will serve the large population neglected in our rural countryside”.

Started  about 5 years ago in a rented  dingy building, they finally shifted after purchasing an old rumbling school  building, thanks to the  loans from two banks and finances from friends and relatives  who trusted them in their efforts to reach the downtrodden.

Having faced many obstacles from government approvals to training the staff from the local area as they couldn’t afford well trained workers. Finally the hospital is proud to have half a dozen of compassionate and skilled workforce. All the health care workers have now cleared the government basic nursing degree.

Charging fees of mere 100 Rupees for a month, providing free consultation to beggars, elderlies without any family support and poor family girl child with deformities they have managed to run successfully a 12 bedded hospital under the patent rights of Aastha Hospital and Annexe, to incorporate their ever increasing quest for another multi speciality general hospital in its annexe extension which is next in pipeline. Dr Atul Verma’s answer to all the hardwork they put in day in and day out is very simple "Every human being is entitled to a healthy life at an affordable cost"

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Maa Vaisno Devi Seva Samiti

Maa Vaisno Devi Seva Samiti

 'Maa Vaisno Devi Seva Samiti' is a religious organization formed by Businessmen group of Bihar with an objective to fulfill its' social obligations for the betterment of marginalized section of our society for their economic, social, medical requirements along with their religious aspirations.

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For last four years we have been organizing 'Samuhik Vivah'(185 Marriages conducted), 'Free Medical Check Up camps with support of reputed doctors from Bihar apart from many religious functions and discourses. Our organization also strives towards the betterment of the people of Bihar by establishing Old Age Home, Orphanage, Hospitals, Gaushala, Dharamshala..

We are consistently working towards our social objectives as humanity at large needs support of society because many of beneficiaries deserve it because of their social, political or economic constrains.
A website has been designed to build an Indian database of blood donors, which will help in saving lives of those who are in immediate need of blood.
This is a non commercial group , we are working into this field just as our passion of working for Human being and social welfare. This website will provide free blood for all emergency and needy peoples without any cost.

Upcoming event : 12th June 2015 6th Edition of Samuhik Vivah

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School  Project –  Aastha  Education

School Project – Aastha Education

Education- a word used in many contexts. For some, it may mean simply a necessary although useless, while for some, it means an opportunity of achieving a better life so that their future generations will inherit a better legacy than the one they were born into.

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Such were the dreams of some 200 odd children attending the crumbling buildings constituting St. Michael’s High School, Patehpur, Vaishali studying with very limited means. The school, set against a rural backdrop of rural Bihar, situated some 70 km away from the state capital of Patna, was set up by Mr. Philip Jacob.

Dr. Atul Verma, co- founder of Aastha Hospital and Annex, who recently made headlines with BBC world news, decided to establish a library so that the children could explore the enchanting world of fairytale in addition to gaining an immense amount of knowledge through the books which the children would later hold sacred.

His noble work did not stop at this juncture as he extended his help to build a playground for the students. As it was to be expected, the children were thrilled! It was a delightful surprise consisting of swing sets, see-saws and the slides. The children were enthralled by this new development as could be seen in their shining eyes and joy-ridden faces.

Not content with his achievements, he now plans to extend his dream for young and downtrodden in rural Bihar with its own green campus and a concrete building of the school campus. As he puts it “Every child is entitled to a green patch and clean air where he can stretch his wings and fly”.

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Astro Architect

Neeta Sinha's fascination for the occult and the passion to study it grew when her paths crossed with the Late Dr. L.N. Kusuma, a student of K.S. Krishnamurthy – a renowned homeopath and one of the greatest cosmic research scientists. Neeta Sinha was herself a non-believer of the astro science but was astounded by the accurate predictions given by him regarding her life, igniting a powerful desire within her, to learn the science.

Her journey began with Dr. Kusuma as they researched around 30,000 homes, offices and other premises for the effects of the laws of Vaastu. They were driven by this question, "why is it that in a high rise building, where the Vaastu of all the houses are the same, different individuals get different results?"

It was then that they discovered that not only people, but their living spaces also have horoscopes. Every place has 3 negative sectors and 9 positive sectors. Now, Neeta Sinha first studies the architectural maps and plans of a house, and then works to enhance the positive sectors and subdue the negative ones.
With over 25 years of practice, Neeta Sinha can now instinctively recognize which

small changes in a surrounding can bring about huge differences in people's lives – ushering in prosperity and happiness.

Anshu Popli


Being a natural heir to Neeta Sinha’s abilities, Anshu Popli always had a keen interest and an enthusiasm towards learning astrology and Astro-Architecture from her mother. Although she pursued a successful corporate life in companies like Godrej, Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla and Christian Dior in her initial years, her intuition always led her to keep studying the divine sciences under Neeta Sinha’s mentorship. Finally, heeding to her inner calling, she began practicing both astrology and Astro-Architecture along with Neeta Sinha, to carry her legacy forward. Today, she is successfully reading personal charts, making predictions, as well as balancing and healing people, helping them to lead a fulfilled life.

Ankur Saini

Life Coach

"Coaching is a powerful process that helps you understand yourself, your power as an individual and the irrational fears that might be blocking you to transcend them for manifesting the life that you dream of!"

A part of the team, Ankur Saini, is a certified Life Transformation Coach (CPC), whose passion is to empower people to help them be successful, happy and peaceful. Sometimes, it is not the external forces, but the internal thought patterns that stops an individual from living up to their complete potential. Ankur Saini works with such clients to help them realize their patterns and shift them to bring a transformation in their lives. Being Neeta Sinha’s son, Ankur always had an in-born desire and ability to counsel people. Pursuing his natural talents, Ankur got trained and certified as a life coach by a prestigious institution called iPEC (Institute of Professional and Executive Coaching) in USA. Today, he is independently practicing, as well as working as part of Neeta Sinha’s team, to empower and heal people.

Get a consultation today to:
- Say 'No' to your fears and doubts
- Transform and improve your relationships
- Improve your efficiency and productivity
- Get over your anxiety and low self esteem
- Live with greater joy, peace and success

Ravi Saini

Art Effect Designer

"Ravi Saini is a visionary and a successful artifact designer, his introduction cannot be put better than the way he describes his work."

It is often said, 'Art is an Artist’s expression of his emotions and experiences.' For me, it took a lifetime of experiences and pent-up feelings for art to finally find an expression and an existence. In many ways, Art is always in existence, you only discover it! For an artist like me, who is unable to even draw a simple straight line, it was not easy to manifest my visions into reality.

As my experiences grew, so did my desperation to find a way to express my ideas which where deep-seated within me. A few years back, I started envisioning art pieces with absolutely no idea of what goes into bringing them to life. I don’t know the source of these visions, but I believe that my connection with the divine has surely helped me in generating these ideas and has even created pathways to manifest them. All of my work is one of a kind and is aimed to reflect purity, hard-work and passion."

Bhanu Bhushan Bhatt

Pandit Ji

The vision of Mantra Tantra Yantra cannot be complete without the experience and expertise of Shri Pandit Bhanu Bhushan Bhatt. Hailing from an ancestral family of ritualistic pandits, Shri Bhanuji has an immense knowledge in the field of Vedic rituals and Astrology and has been successfully practising them for the past 20 years. Known for his effectiveness and dedication, his work has garnered him high profiled clients, both nationally and internationally. His authenticity and efficiency enables the team of Mantra Tantra Yantra to deliver Vedic ritual services across the world.

His Journey:

Initiated by his father into the ritualistic science, Shri Bhanuji was a non-believer, until the sudden demise of his father, after which he came across his father's notebook that had prophesized the year and way of his demise. That piqued Bhanuji's interest into the powers of Astrology and Vedic ritualistic solutions. Graduating with honours in Sanskrit from Patna University in 1994, Shri Bhanuji's inner desire to truly help people with his knowledge earned him several believers and followers. Soon his popularity, wisdom and effectiveness made him a sought after name by high profiled individuals and corporates. Shri Bhanuji is currently successfully practising from his hometown in Patna and helping countless clients with his Vedic ritualistic solutions.